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Industries we supply include: Air Conditioning, Automotive, General Engineering, Communications, Packaging: Food & Drugs, Electrical and Building. See more about us in the links below.


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An ISO Registered Company

An ISO registered company which prides itself in both quality and service; from the smallest job through to high volumn manufactured products.

Quality & Commitement

Being ISO 9001 accredited means that PAKT LTD are committed to high standards of quality. Our workmanship is checked throughout production – from raw material IN, to finished products OUT. It is our belief that quality arises as a result of striving to improve just that little bit more and continually testing your preconceptions against reality.


Our constant re-investment into new machinery enables our highly qualified staff to manufacture quickly & efficiently. Continual investment of time in training means that our staff can offer the highest quality of work rapidly; thus giving our customers the prompt service they require from quote through to delivery.


PAKT LTD use various methods of manufacturing to produce a diverse range of products. These include die-cutting; slitting; laminating; extruding & moulding. This enables us to give our Customers the benefit of one Approved Quality Accredited Supplier for all their Rubber & Plastic requirements!


PAKT is a well established company with over forty years experience within the industry of rubber and plastic conversion; specialising in self-adhesive tapes, gaskets & seals. We are an ISO registered company which prides itself in both quality & service; from the smallest job through to high volume manufactured products.


Our versatility means that we service a vast range of industries & services; often working ‘hand in hand’ with customers from design stage & prototypes through to the actual finished product. Some of the main industries we supply include: Air Conditioning; Automotive; General Engineering; Communications; Packaging; Food & Drugs; Electrical and Building.