PAKT LTD specialist in self-adhesive products and our vast experience in rubber & foam fabrication means that all of the samples shown can be supplied self-adhesive on one or both sides – Even solid rubber & silicones!


Samples shown are a selection of materials available – to be supplied as gaskets or tapes etc. Full specifications available on request.

Rubber matting fine and flat fluted

Various grades and profiles available including fine and flat fluted. Can be cut into mats or pads. Also available in electrically tested grades.

LSP 10 Specifications

Specification To Come

Expanded closed cell neoprene sponge

Self-extinguishing and resistant to air/UV, oil, chemicals and solvents. Ideal for internal and external applications being waterproof. Temperature Range -20°c to +100°c

LSP 30 Specifications
Material Type Neoprene Sponge
Stock Reference Number and Colour 30 Black
Polymer Neoprene
ASTM D-1056-84 SCE-41
ASTM D-1058-86 2CI-B2
Density KG/M 3 Average 120 Kg/M3
Water Absorption by Weight(Max) 10%
Temperature Range
Low to High C -40 to +80
High intermittent +95
Compression Deflection 25% Comp. KPa 14-35
Compression Set (average) :
ASTM D-1056 13mm Sample
Compressed 50% 22hrs @ 20oC & 24hrs Recovery 25% Max
Elongation to Break 150%
Tensile Strength 400
Heat Ageing
(7 Days@70oC) Lineal Shrinkage (Max.) 10%
Chemical Resistance
Weathering Good
Ozone Good
Ultra Violet Good
Oils Good
Acids Good
Alkalie Good
Ageing Good
Flammability MVSS-302 Self Extinguishing

Expanded closed cell EPDM

(Ethylene propylene dienne momomer)
Water and weather resistant. Self-extinguishing internal/external application. Various densities available. Colours – Black and White. Temperature Range -40°c to + 90°c

LSP 40 Specifications
Colour Black
Polymer EPDM/CR
ASTM D-1056-84 RE42-B2
ASTM D-1056-86 2A2-B2
SAE J-18
Density KG/M 3 Average 140 KG Average
Water Absorption by Weight 10% (Max.)
Temperature Range -40 – +90 (C)
High intermittent +100 (C)
Compression Deflection 25% compression KPa
Compression Set (average) :
ASTM D-1066 13m/m sample compressed 50%,
22Hrs @ 20o(C) & 24Hrs recovery 15-25%
Elongation to Break 140%
Tensile Strength KN/M 2 300
Heat Ageing
(7 Days@70oC) Lineal Shrinkage (Max.) 5%
Chemical Resistance
Weathering Good
Ozone Excellent
Ultra Violet Good
Oils Not Good
Acids Good

Expanded natural closed cell sponge

Various densities. Applications include gasket, strips and industrial packaging pieces. Temperature Range -30°c to + 70°c

LSP 60 Specifications
Cellular Strucure Closed cell
Density 320Kg/M3 +/- 40
Compression @ 25% kPa 63-120 *100
@ 50% kPa 160-300 *260
Size 1370mm x 1270mm x 37mm
Colour Grey– Also available A116
Specifications-Standards ASTM D 1056(84)RE-43-44
ASTM D 1056(91)2A4
NFR 99-211 1C16
Compression Set 50% 22H 20 oC 25% Max
Temperature Range Low-High -45 oC + 70 oC
High Intermittent + 90 oC
Water Absorbtion <5% Max *1%
Heat Ageing 7 days 70 oC
Change in compression
Deflection +/- 30% Max
Elongation Rupture 150%
Tensile Strength 1000 KN/M2
Air + UV Fair
Oil Poor
Acids Good
Environmental Protection CFC & HCFC free
Recycling Can be recycled
* Typical Results

Expanded natural open cell sponge

(Ethylene propylene dienne momomer)
Applications includes gaskets and strip to with-stand weather. Good recovery properties. Temperature Range -40°c to + 40°c

LSP 70 Specifications
Paint Discolouration No stain
Working Temerature – 40 0 C + 45 0 C
Compression Set 30% BS903
% Deflection @ 10 p.s.i 43%
Tensile Strength 100 p.s.i.
Elongation at Break 290%
Density 0.4 g/cc

Expanded closed cell polyethylene

Available in a vast range of grades, densities and colours. Waterproof and weather resistant – also resistant to oil and most chemicals. High tensile strength, suitable for internal/external applications. Various colours available. Temperature Range -20°c to + 70°c

LSP 80 Specifications
Property ISO Standard Unit TA
Density 845 kg/m3 33
Tensile Strength 1926
-lengthwise kPa 400
-crosswise kPa 265
Tensile Elongation 1926
-lengthwise % 130
-crosswise % 125
Compressive Strength 844
-deflection 10% kPa 19
-deflection 25% kPa 40
-deflection 50% kPa 105
Compression Set22H Charge,
23 oC deflection 25% 1856-C
– 0.5 h after discharge % 20
– 24 h after discharge % 10
Thermal Conductivity 2581
-at 10 oC W/mK 0.034
-at 40 oC W/mK 0.039
Working Temperature Range internal oC -80/+100
Water absorption (7 days) internal vol% <1
Water Vapour Transmission 1663 g/m2 x 24h
u-value (23 o C, 0-85% r.h) 1663
Shore hardness 0/00 internal 17/50

Flexible cellular polyester/polyether foams

Various colours and densities available; ideal soundproofing and draught sealing. Certain grades ideal for thermal insulation. Flame retardant grades available. Temperature Range – 20°c to + 100°c

LSP 90 Specifications
Product Code LSP90 F/R (Fire Retardant)
Product Description Fire retardant polyether. Polyurethane acoustic foam (non-impregnated).

Colour : Grey

Product Format Sheet material ~Standard Sheet Size:2440 x 1250mms.

Thickness: 6 – 100 mms

Properties Non-fibrous.

Clean and easy to install.

Density : 29 Kg/m3

Fire performance:

BS4735 Pass

FMVSS302 Pass

UL94 – HBF

Working temperature range:

-20 o C to + 70 o C

Usage General purpose acoustic lining for non-building applications
Product Option Plain or Self-Adhesive backed

Open cell expanded reticulated polyurethane foam

Available from 10 P.P.I. to 80 P.P.I. applications filtration and pre-filteration for the automotive air conditioning and ventilation industries.

LSP 100 Specifications
Material Type Polyester
Colour Beige, charcoal
Density 26-32 Kg/M3
Cell Structure 10ppi from 7-15ppi
20ppi from 15-25ppi
30ppi from 25-35ppi
45ppi from 35-50ppi
60ppi from 50-65ppi
80ppi from 65-80ppi
Hardness 2.5-4.5 in Kpa 40% CDH
Tensile Strength 150 KPa min.
Ultimate Elongation 250% min.
Tear Strength 8 Kpa min
Compression Set 20max (75%)
Fire Retardance N/A
General Characteristics and Applications LSP 90/AFF is a reticulated polyuretherane foam (Polyester based); the cellular network is entirely open and does not contain any closed cells. This is obtained by a thermal reticulation process by which all cell membranes which still remain after the foam formation are melted into the cell ribs.

Thanks to its calibrated cell size, the homogeneous cellular structure and the three-dimentional network, this foam is an ideal support for filtration and prefiltration of air in the automotive industry, air conditioning and ventilation. The calibrated cell size and openess ensure a reproducible filtration efficiency, while the three-dimensional network allows a high dust load without affecting the pressure drop significantly. Finally, the foam can be shaken, washed, rinsed…and can thus be reused many times.

The volume taken by the foam ribs only represents 3% of the foam volume. It is not subject to “swelling” in the presence of water, fuel, soaps and detergents, mineral oils, greases etc. However, most of the organic solvents swell the foam, the extent of the swelling varies from one solvent to another.

Expanded PVC foam

Very good sealing properties. Available in various colours. Good resilience. Ideal for Internal and External applications. Temperature Range -30°c to +70°c

LSP 120 Specifications
Product Description
LSP Ltd. foam sealants are manufactured from expanded PVC in a range of densities.

They are essentially closed cell structures coated with a strong pressure-sensitive

acrylic adhesive and require 30% compression to create a water seal. LSP sealants

are clean, economical and easy to use. They can be applied in roll, sheet or gasket form

to suit customers’ designs.

Typical Applications
Applications include sealing of:
  • Roofing & cladding seals
  • Profiled sheeting
  • All types of glazing systems
  • Sealing partition walls
  • Heating & ventilation seal
  • Vehicle bodywork
  • Cold bridging in roofing & cladding
  • Access doors
  • Gutter joints
  • Coldroom panels
  • Prefabricated tanks
  • Building panels
  • Rooflights
  • Greenhouses
Technical Information
20 Series 25 Series 50 Series
Adhesive acrylic
Colours black/white black/grey black/grey
Density (kg/m³) 100 150 200
Shore Hardness (00 Scale) 20 35 50
Tensile strength (kPa) 240 240 640
Elongation >100% >100% >120%
Service Temperature -30°C – +70°C
Application Temperature +10°C – +45°C
UV Resistance excellent
Fungi Resistance excellent
Oxidation Resistance excellent
Weather Resistance excellent
Shelf Life 1 year
•  SBV50 also available with a fixed Mylar liner (SBV50M)
•  LSP PVC foams meet the following surface spread of flame requirements:
FMVSS302, DIN4102 Class B2.
Please note : The above technical information is given as a guide and is based on recent test data obtained under laboratory conditions. Materials should be fully tested by the end user to establish suitability of the product for the intended application. February 1997

Solid Materials

Density from 40° to 90° shore. Various grades to meet any requirement. Materials covered include Solid Neoprene, EPDM, Butyl, Nitrile, and Viton. Insertion Grade available where extra strength is required. Temperature Range -30°c to +70°c

LSP 140 Specifications
Elastomer Type CR – SBR
Colour Black
Hardness(Shore) 65 +-7
Density(g/cm3) 1.36+-0.05
Tensile Strength(N/mm2) 3.0
Elongation at tear(%) 250
Accelerated ageing 70 h for 70oC
Change in hardness +10
Change in tensile strength +- 25(%)
Change in elongation at tear -50(%)
Operating temperatures(oC) short term (10h) +90
Operating temperatures(oC) continuous (1000h) -10 to + 70

Cork: Nitrile neoprene

Cork – neoprene, nitrile & synthetic grade. Average density 275/325kg m2 Temperature range -20°c- + 120°c. Specifications various ASTM specifications available. Applications: gasket and strip to withstand weather, oil petrol and acid, plus anti-vibration pads.

LSP 150 Specifications
Grade RCNI2003
Binder Synthetic Rubber/Nitrile
Granule Size 18/35 + Reg/C/R 12/35-205 U.S Mesh
Physical Characteristics
Hardness, Shore A 65 to 80
Specific Gravity 0.900 to 1.0
Kg/come 900 to 1000
Density LBS/CU FT 56.3 to 62.5
Compressibility @ 400 PSI 20% to 40%
Recovery (Min) 75%
Tensile strength (Min) PSI 175
Volume Change After Immersion
ASTM No 1 Oil 70 HR @ 100c -5 to +15%
ASTM Fuel A 22 Hrs @ R T -2 to +15%
Original (F=5) No Cracks
Oven aged 70 Hrs @ 100c (F=16) No Cracks
ASTM No 1 Oil 70 Hrs @ 100c (F=16) No Cracks
Thickness Change After Immersion 10%
ASTM No 3 Oil 70 Hrs @ 100c Max +5 to +20%
Compression Set
Method A 22 Hrs @ 70c Max 50%
Test Method ASTM F 104-89
General Information and Applications A Medium compressible high density cork and rubber material with good flexibility and resilience. Quality material for automotive and industrial gaskets requiring a seal at medium and high flange pressures.

Expanded nitrile PVC sponge

Closed cell skinned material. Available to class O spec. UL94 rated and London Underground Approved, Temperature range -29°c to +104°c

LSP 200 Specifications
LSP 200 – A
The demand for environmentally friendly insulation material with minimum smoke and toxic emissions in the event of fire is gaining importance. LSP200A meets this demand.

The flammable nature of polymer products can be reduced with the use of specific flame proofing agents. LSP200A contains no flame proofing agents, PVC, CFC or HCFC’s. This halogen-free insulation has been specially developed to reduce smoke density to a minimum in the event of fire and to eliminate, as far as possible, any toxic contamination such as dioxins and furanes.

If LSP200A is exposed to severe fire it will burn like any other organic material. However, the flammable components do not contain any corrosive or decomposing elements. LSP200A provides protection against diffusion of water vapour as closed cell material, and features all the properties which you can expect from a flexible insulation material such as low thermal conductivity; dust and fibre free.

The competitive advantage of specifying LSP200A:

  • Smoke and toxic emissions in the event of fire are minimised
  • Halogen and CFC-free
  • Excellent resistance to the effects of ozone, oil, chemicals, extreme weather conditions and wear & tear
Technical Data
Product Description Flexible, closed cell elastomeric nitrile rubber insulation – without chloride or bromide ions
Application area NATO marine sector, general ship-building off-shore, transport, computer rooms and other areas where chlorine-free materials are required
Product range Tube 2M lengths

Continuous sheets ~ available with self-adhesive backing

Self-adhesive tape

Temperature range Max line temperature +105 o C (flat surface, and tape + 85 o C)

Min line temperature – 50 o C

a: mean temperature 0 o C: ^ = 0.040 W/mk

a: mean temperature 40 o C: ^ = 0.042 W/mk

Thermal Conductivity Test method at 0 o C DIN 52 612 40 o C DIN 52 613

Resistance factor U: > 2.000

Water vapour permeability Test method DIN 52 615

Surface spread of flame: Class 0

Test method BS 476 Part 7

Fire performance Behaviour in fire: self-extinguishing; does not drip

Please request list of certificates

Limited Oxygen Index 32% ASTM D2883-77
LSP 200 – RA112
RA112 is a black expanded closed cell Nitrile/PVC elastomer designed to conform to industry standard ASTM and SAE Specifications. It is specifically formulated from synthetic butadiene/acrylonitrile copolymers and engineered flame retardents, making it ideal for a variety of high performance gasketing and insulation applications. The material’s low density and medium firmness make it ideal for areas, where a tight, compressible seal is required. The product contains no CFC’s or other Ozone-Depleting Chemicals per 40CFR Part 82, and is free of heavy metal components, such as, lead, cadmium, chromium, antimony and mercury, thus facilitating eventual recyclability. RA112 is generally supplied as continuous master rolls in thicknesses ranging from 3 to 25mm, and in widths up to 1.4 metres (54 inches). Typical properties of RA112 are listed below.
Property Test Method Typical Results
Base Polymer Nitrile/PVC
ASTM Designation ASTM D1056-91 2B1
SAE Designation SAE J18-88 2B1
Compression Deflection SAE J18-88 2.05.Opsi(13.9-34.5 kPa)
Density ASTM D3574 5 – 8lb/ft³(80-128 kg/m³)
Tensile ASTM D412, Die A 40 – 60 psi (276 – 414 kPa)
Elongation ASTM D412, Die A 150 – 250%
Water Absorption ASTM D1056 3.0 – 7.0%
Tear Resistance ASTM D624, Die C 8.0-12.0 lb/in (1.40-2.10 kN/m)
Compression Set, RT SAE J18-88 15-25%
Compression Set, 70°C SAE J18-88 75 – 90%
Low Temp. Flexibility SAE J18-88 -20°F (-29°C)
Service Temperature (CUTL) SAE J22-36 180°F (82°C)
Stain Resistance ASTM D925B No Staining
Ozone Resistance ASTM D1171 “O” Rating
Flammability FMVSS 302 < 1”/min
UL94 HF-1 Rating.

Industrial felts

Available in various grades and densities suitable for seals, wipers, mounting pads, absorption pads, oil seals.

LSP 204 Specifications
Weight 300 gm/LM at 1800mm wide
Colour Natural white or dyed to selected colour as per standard shade card
Composition EPDM/CR
Thickness 1.0 mm approx; thickness is not a specified parameter in the construction of this material
Width 1800 mm
Air Permeability Data Not Available
Specification This material conforms to:-
Safety of toys
BS 5665 : Part 3 : 1995
EN 71-3 : 1995

Brushed nylon

Available in numerous colours. Used for decorative purposes i.e. display cases mats etc. Can be laminated to any material shown here.

LSP 206 Specifications

Specification To Come

Acoustic foams

Excellent acoustic and sound absorption qualities. Good thermal insulation. Used extensively in the Duct work & Heating and Ventilation Industries. Fully flame retardant to class ‘O’ grade.

LSP 207 Specifications
Density 80-90 Kgm/3 BS4443P1M2
CompressionSet(75% 22Hrs.70oC) 16% BS4443P1M6
Tensile Strength 110KPa BS4443P1M3A
Elongation at Break 160% BS4443P1M3A
Oxygen Index 59% BS2782P1
BS4735 Flammibility Does not burn, melt or drip.
Char Formed
EP1 Radiateur Class M1
Indentation Hardness Index 308N BS4443P2M7
Pounding Class BS3379 V BS4443P5
Smoke Emission 50% BS5111
Temperature Working Range 30 to 110oC Continuous
Thermal Conductivity 0.050 Wm-1K-1
Acoustic Specification ASTM C384 and BS EN 20354 (previously) BS 3638 : 1963 are both Standard tests for measuring absorption coefficients. ASTM C384 is laboratory scale test measuring normal incidence coefficients. BS EN 20354 is a full scale reverberation room test, measuring random incidents coefficients. Both methods give an indication of the potential performance of the material under the test. Whilst the latter reverberation room method may prove more relevant in most practical situations, neither test can predict overall performance in a real application.
Absorption Coefficients : ASTM C384
Thickness (m/m ) Frequency(Hz)
125 250 500 1000 2000 4000
12 0.04 0.14 0.15 0.29 0.54
25 0.07 0.14 0.32 0.80 0.71
50 0.11 0.11 0.50 0.86 0.84 0.90
Absorption Coefficients : BS EN20354(BS3638) :1963
Thickness (m/m ) Frequency(Hz)
125 250 500 1000 2000 4000
12 0.06 0.09 0.18 0.29 0.38 0.58
25 0.09 0.22 0.38 0.52 0.63 0.73
50 0.24 0.47 0.75 0.84 0.87 1.02
100 0.41 1.01 1.10 0.96 1.03 1.06

LSP207_Absorption Coefficient Graph

Expanding foam sealant

Self adhesive, impregnated foam supplied pre-compressed in rolls. Expands to create a high performance log life seal for smooth or irregular joints. Excellent UV resistance provides a fully weatherproof seal.

LSP 208 Specifications
Product Description:
LSP – LG1 is a pre-compressed sealant; made of impregnated permanently elastic fine cell soft polyurethane foam, which expands slowly and evenly to provide a seal against wind and driving rain. The product can bridge extreme joint tolerances, maintaining a seal against driving rain when compressed to at least 33%. It is compatible with all current building and sealing materials, and is paintable. Manufactured to ISO 9001 and approved to DIN 18542 and DIN 4102.
Typical Applications:
Applications include sealing of expansion & butt joints in:-
Underground constructions Prefabricated sections
Profiled Sheeting Exterior & interior buildings
Window construction Road joints
Technical Information:
Impregnation: Longlasting fire retardant polyacrylic, free of plasticisers, heavy metals, chlorine, bitumen, formaldehyde CFCs and VOCs
Colour: Black
Product Class (DIN 18542) Group 1
Water Vapour diffusion resistance (DIN 18542) <100
Weather resistance (DIN 18542) complies
Driving rain seal (DIN 18542) to 600 Pa
Service temperature -40 oC -+ 100o C – intermittent + 130o C
Thermal conductivity (DIN 18542) 0.060 W / m. k
Compatibility with other building materials (DIN 18542) to 80o C
Resistance Resistant to UV, ozone, ageing, bacteria, fungus, weak acids, cleaning agents,gentle solvents & alcohol
Guaranteed life 25 years minimum
Shelf life 2 years (at 20o C, dry & out of direct sunlight)
Presentation Self-adhesive rolls, pre-compressed to approx. 20% of original thickness
Please note: The above technical information is given as a guide and is based on recent test data obtained under laboratory conditions. Materials should be fully tested by the end user to establish suitability of the product for the intended application – February 2000

Silicone sponge

Various densities and grades available. Suitable for gaskets and strip in extreme temperatures and for food quality applications. Temperature Range -60°c to +200°c

LSP 210 Specifications
Property Norm LSP16 LSP24 LSP33
Temperature Resistance (C)
Continuous -60/+200 -60/+200 -60/+200
Intermittent +250 +250 +250
Compression set (%) BS4443 15% 20% 8%
CompressionDeflection (KPa):-25% Compression on 12mm thick ASTM1056 13 N/A N/A
Tensile Strength (MPa) BS4443
-10mm thick DIN53504 0.64 0.84 1.66
Elongation at break (%) BS4443
-10mm thick DIN53504 1.45 1.75 2.05
CompressionLoading (N/mm2)
-10mm thick BS4443 0.049 0.093 0.233
Chemical Resistance
UV V.Good V.Good V.Good
Ozone V.Good V.Good V.Good
Electrical Charge V.Good V.Good V.Good
Water V.Good V.Good V.Good
Acid Not Good Not Good Not Good
Oil Not Good Not Good Not Good
Physical Data
Density (kg/m3) BS4443
DIN53520 250-350 400-500 550+
Dimensions (mm ) DIN7715
width 600 600 sheet size
length 1000 1000 subject to thickness
Thickness From 1.5mm to 20.0mm 3mm to 10mm
Standard Colour-off White, other colours avaliable

Solid Silicone

Application: High temperature gasket and strip for food quality application. Temperature Range -60°c to +200°c

LSP 220 Specifications
Colour White
Hardness(Shore”A”) 60o (+/- 5o)
Specific Gravity 1.19 Gr/cm 3
Tensile Strength 80 kg / cm2
Elongation at break 333%
Tear Strength 20 kg/cm
Compression Set 32%
Temperature range
-continuous -60oC to + 200oC
-intermittent +250oC
All LSP Silicone sheets conform to BS2260;1995 and FDA Regulations FDA 21 CFR 177.2600